Burglary, Theft & Malicious Damage

burglary assessorsWhile all these perils are different, they have one thing in common – no person wants themselves or their property affected by any of them! No person wants the privacy of their home or property violated!

The consequences of such may vary – your personal belongings stolen, your property damaged. However, in all eventualities, it is imperative that you report the crime to An Garda Síochána for investigation and to obtain a ‘Pulse’ number, which will be requested by your insurer when your claim is presented.

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MCLA can assist you with itemising your loss/damage, act on your behalf and present your claim to your insurer, to enable you obtain the compensation you are entitled to. This removes added stress and allows you to move forward and make good your loss.

We aim to ensure that you, the policyholder, receive fair and equitable compensation for any loss incurred, rather than the minimum amount proposed by the Loss Adjuster and that your Insurance Company would like to pay!

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