Impact Damage

It happens when you least expect it – Impact Damage! But what is it? It is damage caused to your property by Impact from a variety of sources such as: road vehicles; machinery; animals; rail vehicles; aircraft; aerial devices or articles dropped from them; fallen trees or branches.

To an untrained eye damage caused by Impact may not look as bad as it is! However, there can be more serious underlying problems, even to the extent of compromising the structural integrity of the wall or building impacted.

If the Impact damage is caused by a third party (e.g. passing vehicle hits your wall) and you wish to pursue a claim, it is imperative to immediately inform the Gardaí of the incident, obtain a ‘Pulse’ reference number from them and where possible:

  • Record details of the vehicle – make, model, registration number
  • Driver’s name, address, insurance details and contact number

This will help your insurer in its pursuance of a recovery of costs against the offending party or their insurance company.

impact damage


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