Terms of Business

OMC Property Claim Consultants Limited T/A Mc Carthy Loss Assessors (MCLA), registered office at Irish Grange, Carlingford, Co. Louth, is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland to undertake insurance distribution, as a Loss Assessor, under the European Union (Insurance Distribution) Regulations 2018. A copy of our Statement of Authorised Status is available upon request or can be verified by the Central Bank of Ireland website at www.centralbank.ie

MCLA has office at:

Irish Grange, Carlingford, Co. Louth.

Tel: 0860440926

Email: oisin@mcla.ie

Statutory Codes

Mc Carthy Loss Assessors (MCLA) complies with and is subject to the Consumer Protection Code, the Fitness and Probity Standards and the Minimum Competency Code. Protection under these codes is offered to the consumer and can be found on the Central Bank website at www.centralbank.ie (http://www.centralbank.ie).

Services Provided

We offer a professional property damage/loss assessing service, plus administration, to our clients. We prepare, manage and negotiate property damage/loss claims on your behalf with the insurance company liable for the claim or their appointed intermediary/Loss Adjuster. We also offer Public Loss Assessing (PLA) for commercial, residential and industrial sectors.

Conflicts of Interest

It is our policy to avoid any conflicts of interest when providing services to our clients. However, if an unavoidable conflict arises, we will advise you of this before proceeding to provide any business service and, thereafter, take all necessary steps to ensure that you, our client/s, are treated fairly, after you have given your consent for us to proceed.

Remuneration Structure

Mc Carthy Loss Assessors (MCLA) do not charge for our initial consultation. We are remunerated by a professional fee for work, activity and time spent in providing the best terms, advice and service for your specific needs. Our fees are based on a percentage of the settlement achieved, plus V.A.T. at the applicable rate and are agreed at the initial contact with the client.

We reserve the right to amend our fee structure if the complexity of the service is such as to require an inordinate increase in time or service beyond normal practice. Any such increase will be discussed with you before it is applied.

Failure to Pay for Professional Services

Mc Carthy Loss Assessors (MCLA) will exercise our legal right to recover any payments due to us for business services provided in the event of a default in payment.

Data Protection

In order to provide the highest standard of service to you, it is necessary to collect your personal details. We take great care with the information provided, taking steps to keep it secure and to ensure it is only used for legitimate purposes. To fulfil these objectives, it may be necessary to share information regarding claim and your personal details, with your chosen contractor, affiliated professionals and/or nominated persons. The information and data provided to our office may also be used to advise you of products and services we may offer from time to time.

It is your right, at any time to request a copy of any ‘personal data’, within the meaning of the Data Protection Act 1988 (as amended or re-enacted from time to time) that our office holds about you and to have any inaccuracies in that information corrected.

Privacy policy can be viewed on our website.

Duty to Disclose Information

It is incumbent on you to provide complete and accurate information when making a claim. Failure to disclose any material information to your insurers could invalidate your insurance cover and could mean that all or part of your claim will not be paid. This also applies to information supplied to your nominated Loss Assessor.

Complaints Procedure

It is the policy of Mc Carthy Loss Assessors (MCLA) to ensure that our customers complaints are dealt with expeditiously and problems resolved in a timely manner. A log will be kept of all complaints and acknowledged within 5 working days. A full investigation will then be carried out and, on completion of our investigation, you will be provided with a written response of the outcome of our investigation.

In the event of any failure to resolve your complaint, you are entitled to refer it to the Financial Services Ombudsman Bureau on (01) 567 7000 or email info@fspo.ie Our full complaints procedure is available upon request.

Governing Law

Our terms of business is governed by the laws of the Republic of Ireland. These terms of business are valid from 04/02/2019 until further notice.

Consumer Protection

Mc Carthy Loss Assessors (MCLA) holds professional indemnity insurance in accordance with the Central Bank of Ireland’s requirements. We contribute to the Investor Compensation Scheme through the ICCL (The Investor Compensation Company Limited).

Code of Conduct

Mc Carthy Loss Assessors (MCLA) will:

  • Act honestly and fairly in conducting all business activities in the best interests of our clients
  • Act with due care, skill and diligence in the best interests of our clients
  • Employ effectively the resources that are necessary for the proper performance of business activities
  • Make adequate disclosure of relevant material information in dealings with our clients
  • Make reasonable efforts to avoid conflicts of interest and ensure that our customers are treated fairly, at all times
  • Comply with the letter and spirit of all regulatory requirements applicable to the conduct of our business activities, in the best interests of our clients