Escape of Water

Escape of water may not always be immediately visible and may only become apparent when you notice damage to your ceilings, walls or floors. This is the visible damage but there may also be superficial damage which only the professional can identify. It can even affect the structure or fabric of your property.

escape of water louthEscape of water is one of the most common causes of damage to properties. It can be caused by bursting, cracking, overflow or freezing of fixed water apparatus but ‘wear and tear’ or gradual deterioration is not covered by insurers.

MCLA have the expertise to assess your claim, and identify the areas compromised by the escape of water. We will compile your claim, represent you and act on your behalf to ensure you obtain the compensation you are entitled to.

escape of water assessors

We aim to ensure that you, the policyholder, receive fair and equitable compensation for any loss incurred, rather than the minimum amount proposed by the Loss Adjuster and that your Insurance Company would like to pay!

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