Storm Damage

storm damage assessorsIreland’s weather is unpredictable. We are now experiencing storms on a regular basis. Strong winds and heavy rains have the potential to cause damage to your property. Insurance companies and their loss adjusters will often dispute the cause of the damage resulting in non-payment of your claim. This is where MCLA can help.

louth storm assessorsWe are professionals in this area and recognise all the symptoms of storm damage to your property. We know when an emergency temporary repair is necessary to prevent further damage. We recognise that the consequences of storm damage may not, at times, become immediately evident until signs of water ingression occur.

MCLA will represent your interests in such matters, act on your behalf, assess and handle your claim, and take the most suitable approach to getting your claim paid.

We aim to ensure that you, the policyholder, receive fair and equitable compensation for any loss incurred, rather than the minimum amount proposed by the Loss Adjuster and that your Insurance Company would like to pay!

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