Commercial Claims

Suffered damage to your Commercial Property or Business?

  • Worried about safeguarding your Company’s future and mitigating your loss?
  • Anxious and alarmed about Loss of Stock, Assets, Earnings, Machinery or Equipment?
  • Distraught with your property being damaged to the extent that it is not fit for purpose?
  • Stressed about loss of profits due to the potential risk of Business Interruption?
  • Concerned about compiling your claim and don’t know where to start?
Insured Losses in a Business can give rise to a claim for both Material Damage and Business Interruption / Loss of Profit.
To effectively manage a Commercial Property Insurance Claim requires Professional Expertise. It is complicated, stressful and time consuming. Without Professional representation your Business could be at further risk.
This is where we can help. We can:
  • Advise on immediate issues that need to be addressed and other limitations that will have an effect on the eventual claim outcome i.e. adequacy of sums insured, policy conditions and exclusions
  • Reduce stress and enable you to focus on the running of your business, where possible Report your claim and liaise with the Insurance Company on your behalf
  • Create a foundation from which to build your claim
  • Advise on when it is necessary to engage or appoint other Professionals e.g. Accountants, Engineers, Specialist Restoration Companies, where required
  • Compile your claim taking cognisance of the advice received from the multidisciplinary teams involved
  • Protect your best interests throughout negotiations with your Insurance Company’s appointed Loss Adjuster
  • Ensure you obtain a fair and equitable settlement for the loss you have suffered.

Mc Carthy Loss Assessors (MCLA) are experts in handling:

  • Commercial Claims due to Escape of Water
  • Commercial Claims due to Storm Damage
  • Commercial Claims due to Fire Damage
  • Commercial Claims due to Flood Damage
  • Commercial Claims due to Smoke Damage
  • Commercial Claims due to Burglary / Theft / Malicious Damage
  • Commercial Claims due to Impact Damage
  • Commercial Claims due to Accidental Damage
  • Commercial Claims due to Escape of Oil

For Professional and Prompt action, it is paramount that you call Mc Carthy Loss Assessors to help you in your time of need.
Our track record is second to none and our service has proved invaluable to our clients in the past.

Do not hesitate to contact us! You will be glad you did! Mc Carthy Loss Assessors (MCLA)

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