Flood Damage

flood damage assessors louthDue to the unpredictable nature of our ever-changing weather, hazard due to flooding is increasing here in Ireland. Flood water will penetrate all areas accessible to it and cause untold damage.

It will, most likely, be contaminated with sewage and other pollutants. This immediately calls for appropriate cleaning and sanitisation measures to be carried out before any other restoration work commences.

MCLA will assess and record the damage for you, handle and progress your claim, liaise with all the professionals you will need to restore your property and secure for you the compensation you are entitled to. This may also include alternative accommodation, should your property be uninhabitable.

We aim to ensure that you, the policyholder, receive fair and equitable compensation for any loss incurred, rather than the minimum amount proposed by the Loss Adjuster and that your Insurance Company would like to pay!

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