Water Damage Insurance Assessor

Water damage due to a leak in your property is not something to be taken lightly. Whilst we all hope this won’t happen to us, it is most likely, that at some stage during our lives, it will! When a leak occurs in our home or property one may often underestimate the damage that is done – it may not look too bad to the untrained eye! However, water can penetrate the walls and floors of your home causing secondary or hidden damage that the average insurance policyholder would not be aware of. We, Mc Carthy Loss Assessors (MCLA), have the experience to know what the hidden damage is and where to look for it. This may have been caused for instance by a toilet or even a radiator leak.

Radiator Leak

Have you experienced damage to your floor or carpet/floor covering due to a leaking radiator or associated pipework? Ceiling damage in a downstairs room due to a radiator leak in a bedroom or bathroom above? Then you may be entitled to claim on your insurance policy for the resulting damage. Mc Carthy Loss Assessors (MCLA) are experts in handling water damage insurance claims and do so, on a daily basis.

Toilet Leak

If you have experienced water damage in your bathroom, due to a leak from your toilet or associated pipes, then it is important that it is promptly dealt with. It may present itself, simply, by a water damaged ceiling, rising floorboard, or a cracked or loose tile and it is only when you investigate the cause that you realise you have experienced a leak! Water damage to a ceiling, wall or floor can very often be associated with a toilet leak.  This may entitle you to make a claim on your insurance policy for the resulting damage. Mc Carthy Loss Assessors (MCLA) offer you professional advice and our experienced loss assessor is there to help in your hour of need. We are experts in this field due to the wealth of experience we have in handling same. We are the company you need to represent you and ensure you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

Benefits of using Mc Carthy Loss Assessors (MCLA)

Our Loss Assessor will:

    • Meet with you at your property to assess the extent of damage
    • Professionally review your policy documents
    • Notify your insurer of your loss
    • Meet with the loss adjuster your insurer appoints to act on their behalf
    • Compile, document and submit your claim
    • Negotiate with the loss adjuster on your behalf
    • Help speed up the claim process
    • Ensure you obtain your fair entitlement under the terms of your insurance policy

We aim to ensure that you, the policyholder, receive fair and equitable compensation for any loss incurred, rather than the minimum amount proposed by the Loss Adjuster and that your Insurance Company would like to pay!

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