Loss Assessors for Property Claims​

Regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and a member of The Insurance Institute of Ireland, Mc Carthy Loss Assessors will work on YOUR behalf to ensure you receive your full entitlement under your insurance policy, while removing the stress and minimising your involvement in the claims process. We are here to help YOU – not your insurance company!
Loss Adjusters are employed by the insurance company to settle the claim as economically as possible in the interests of the insurance company.
We, the Loss Assessors, are employed to represent YOU and obtain for you a fair and equitable payment for the damage/loss you have suffered.

Following our initial contact, Mc Carthy Loss Assessors will: 

    • Meet with you at site of damage/loss
    • Review your policy documentation/cover
    • Carry out an initial survey of damage/loss
    • Notify your insurance company
    • Meet and liaise with Loss Adjuster at site of loss/damage
    • Compile, prepare, document and submit YOUR claim to Loss Adjuster/Insurer
    • Negotiate the claim with Loss Adjuster on your behalf
    • Achieve best possible settlement for you under the terms and conditions of your insurance policy
Our reputation as Property Claims Loss Assessors is second to none, as evident in our reviews and recommendations. Don’t pass us by! We are on YOUR side. If your claim is a valid claim, we are the company you need!
Our Insurance Loss Assessors have a wealth of experience and success over numerous years. When you contact us we will meet with you to discuss your claim and assist you in taking your claim to fruition.

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